Know Your Rights After an Arrest

Finding reliable, up-to-date information about Federal, Florida DUI and criminal law can be tedious and difficult. Our team offers these helpful articles to address specific crimes, potential consequences and what you can do to help your case.

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  • Federal Pretrial Detention Hearing Lawyer Miami, Florida Everyone charged with a crime is presumed innocent. That doesn’t mean they have a right to be free while their case is being resolved. Get the information and help you need from a skilled federal criminal defense lawyer.
  • Federal Bond Attorney in Miami, Florida No one wants to sit in jail a minute longer than they have to. When you’re arrested for a Federal crime, the first thing that comes to almost everyone’s mind is: When can I get out of here? A skilled Federal crimes attorney can help.
  • What To Do If You Get A Target Letter If you have received a target letter from a federal prosecutor, a little clarity can go a long way in helping to ease your stress. We can help.
  • Federal Investigation Lawyer Learning that you’re under federal investigation is downright scary. If you feel frustrated and anxious about a federal investigation, we should talk.
  • How To Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Are you hiring the right lawyer for your Federal criminal case? Find out what to look for and how you should go about choosing the best lawyer for you.
  • Federal Financial Crimes Defense Attorney Federal white collar crime is extremely serious. You need to be informed, educated and, most importantly, you need to hire the right lawyer.
  • Federal Grand Jury Subpoena You must comply with a Federal Grand Jury subpoena. However, you need a skilled Federal criminal defense lawyer that protects your rights and educates you.