Judy Sanchez

Judy Sanchez

Marketing Director
  • Izquierdo Law Firm, P.A.
  • 2655 Le Jeune Road #901 Coral Gables, FL 33134
  • 305-707-7345

Judy Sanchez is the marketing director at IZ Legal.

She is responsible for implementing strategies to promote IZ Legal and its services. She oversees all social media campaigns and writes articles for the website. She produces blog posts for each case and keeps the IZ Legal team abreast of new opportunities for growth both online and through newsletters and direct mail.

Judy is a Miami native, with parents that are also south Floridians. Despite brief stints in Pittsburgh and Japan, Judy has lived in Florida her entire life. With a Bachelor of Science in Communication and minors in Sociology and Journalism from Florida State University, Judy has worked in various fields within her areas of expertise.

Judy’s journalism career has included writing for The Miami Herald, headlining sports shows for the online site, hosting radio programs, and being in charge of social media campaigns for companies.

She also has experience in social work, working with law enforcement officers and therapists to get Florida’s youths the mental health assistance they need.