Are you looking for someone that understands your story and not just your case? In someone interested in preserving your future, not just your freedom?

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Izquierdo Law Firm exists to help good people fight for their freedom, future, and family.

Being charged with a crime and realizing your liberty and reputation are at stake can be crippling. Attorney and founder Daniel Izquierdo knows this all too well; he’s been there—when he was 18 years old he was charged with a criminal traffic offense and found himself facing the government and its unlimited resources while a careless and insolent attorney made the process more nerve-racking and difficult than it already is.

That’s why we believe that when good people like you are charged with a crime, you should be educated and empowered through the legal process. You should be free from the unnecessary stress and worry that comes from hiring the wrong attorney.

What you need as you fight for your life is a fully customized and compassionate solution by an attorney that’s been in your shoes. As the child of Cuban immigrants, attorney Daniel Izquierdo knows what happens when the government’s power goes unchecked. Standing by you while we take on the government, we ensure that your rights are protected. By getting to know you and telling your story we make sure that your good name, hard work, and reputation are not lost in the unforgiving criminal justice system.

The last thing you want while going through this difficult time is cold, seemingly heartless, and generic legal representation by someone looking to take your money and plea you guilty as soon as possible.

We’re Not Your Typical Criminal Defense Law Firm

Whether you have come under investigation, have been falsely accused, the government is overreaching or you simply made a mistake, a customized plan of action needs to be put in place. No two cases are ever the same and no two clients lose sleep for the same reason. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard and their rights protected.