When Danny tells you that he understands what you are going through, it’s not just fluff or fancy sales tactics.  Danny’s understanding and empathy is real—he’s been there and knows what it’s like to have your life turned upside down, what it’s like to be scared, not knowing where to turn.  In addition to knowing what it’s like to encounter the criminal justice system firsthand, what also sets Danny apart is his experience as a teacher, coach and journalist.

In Your Shoes

At 18 years old Danny was charged with reckless driving.  A high school senior at the time, Danny was set to attend Florida State University and was scared beyond belief that a criminal traffic violation would jeopardize his education and everything he had worked for.  Danny and his family hired a nearby lawyer that charged a good bit of money and then provided the worst client experience you could imagine (including not showing up to court).  The experience was cold and there was no guidance or education before a decision was made.

When Danny started practicing, he actually went and pulled his old case.  In Danny’s professional opinion, his lawyer let him down.  A much better outcome was possible.  Once Danny became an attorney and founded the Izquierdo Law Firm, he vowed that no client would ever feel the way he felt when he was 18.   Now, Danny may not be able to change the outcome of his own case after all these years, but he can work with you to help affect yours. 

In addition to this horrid experience of his own, Danny recently had an immediate family member encounter the criminal justice system.  Having the FBI and federal prosecutors come down on a member of his family, was extremely nerve-racking, stressful and eye opening for Danny.  While being the support system for someone charged with a crime brings its own unique set of circumstances, Danny understands that the stresses, concerns and impacts for family members are no different than those faced by the accused.  Unfortunately, Danny has experienced these difficult situations firsthand but he is a firm believer that because of it he is a better advocate and counselor for his clients and their family.


Knowledge is power.  While many attorneys guard their information and choose not to say too much to clients, Danny makes it his personal mission to make sure his clients understand their legal situation.  It’s not enough to hire an attorney and hope for the best.  You need to be educated and informed throughout the process so that you can make the best decisions about your case. 

From your initial case evaluation and strategy session with Danny, he will make sure you understand the process, the system and what possible strategies and outcomes are available to you.  It is not uncommon for an initial strategy session with Danny to last a couple of hours.  Clients are often scheduled to review discovery, police reports deposition transcripts, photographs and other evidence with Danny before considering their options or making decisions about their case.

An educated, informed and empowered client has the peace of mind and clarity they deserve during a difficult process.   


Oftentimes, the greatest disservice an attorney can provide their client is telling them what they want to hear.  While it may not be popular at the moment, Danny believes that you must be told exactly what you need to hear.  Without transparency, open and honest communication and teamwork you cannot achieve your desired goals and outcomes. 

Danny believes that the best way to represent someone as they encounter the criminal justice system is to continuously empower and educate them.  There is no “I’m the lawyer, trust me.”  As Danny knows all too well, it’s not the lawyer’s life, future and record at stake.  To put it bluntly, it’s not about the lawyer—it’s about you.   To a degree, yes, your lawyer should be calling the shots, defending and representing you because that’s their expertise and they do this for a living.  But Danny believes this is a team effort because he never wants someone to look back on their case and wonder why something was done or why a decision was made. 

Danny stands beside his clients and coaches them through this difficult experience.  It’s about understanding your story, telling your story, how this affects you and helping you be better after it’s done.  A criminal charge does not end when the case is closed.  Danny understands this better than most and that’s why he works with his clients to help them move forward with an understanding about how this may affect them in the future. Every client has Danny’s cell phone number and is always welcomed to call or text to work through any issues that may arise in the future. 


A trial lawyer is a storyteller and the only story that matters is yours.  No two people are exactly alike.  No two cases are exactly alike.  Simply put, no two clients lose sleep for the same reason. 

As a journalist Danny was able to learn how to relate to, communicate with, and understand people from all walks of life.  When telling your story to a prosecutor, a judge or a jury, Danny works to understand your background, your education, work and life experience.

Not to mention, journalists solve problems, they investigate and they know what questions to ask in order to gather the necessary information to tell a story. 

If you are here today because you feel frustrated about a criminal charge and it is disrupting your life, we should talk.  Set up a free 4-Point Case Evaluation and Defense Strategy Session with me by first calling (305) 707-7345.  The sooner we talk, the sooner you will have clarity on what you face—and just a little clarity can take away a lot of the stress.



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