Field sobriety exercises are a group of tests that officers use in order to determine whether somebody is impaired. These are standardized exercises.

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The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, NHTSA, puts out training materials and makes sure that every officer in the country knows what to look for and is administering these exercises in a standardized way to increase how reliable they are when determining whether a driver happens to be impaired. There are five exercises, but three that are most commonly used. NHTSA believes one of the most reliable exercises is the HGN, the horizontal gaze nystagmus. In this exercise, the officer will tell you to follow a pattern with your eyes. Another exercise often used is the walk and turn. In this exercise, the officer asks you to walk a line, a specific amount of steps and turn around and walk back. The third exercise that is also used often is the one leg stand. Less frequently used are the finger to nose and the modified Rhomberg Balance

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