Can anyone purchase a gun now?

No. Individuals that are looking to purchase a firearm must still meet the state requirements. They must be 21 or older and must not have a felony or violent criminal conviction. There is a 3-day waiting period and the individual must pass the background check.

Can I carry a concealed weapon anywhere in Florida?

No. There are many places where both open and concealed weapons are restricted.

  • Any courtroom or courthouse
  • Any school facility
  • Any polling place
  • Any jail, prison or detention facility
  • Any police station
  • Any college or university facility
  • The inside of a passenger terminal of an airport
  • Any athletic event not related to firearms
  • Any place where firearms are prohibited by federal law

There are also other places such as bars, gambling halls, career centers and that have rules prohibiting guns. Make sure you are aware of the law before arriving at a location you aren’t sure about with a firearm.

Is there a concealed weapons class I need to take?

No. The training course and permit are no longer required to conceal carry in Florida. While it is recommended that people are educated about gun safety prior to purchasing a firearm, it is not included in the process of purchasing a gun.

I don’t live in Florida. Can I conceal carry?

Yes. As long as the non-resident is 21 or older and is not prevented to possess a firearm for any reason, they can conceal carry in the state.

Can I open carry in Florida?

In most cases no. But there are exceptions. A person who was fishing, camping or hunting; an individual who is in the business of manufacturing, repairing or dealing firearms; or a person firing weapons for target practice under safe conditions may have a gun on their person and not concealed.

If I have an open case for concealed carry, am I off the hook now?

No. If you were arrested prior to the law changing, you can still be charged and be punished for your concealed weapon charge. Although the judge may be more lenient now that the law has changed, you still face the possibility of the consequences that were in place at the time of the charge.

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