Do I even stand a chance with any the best DUI defenses?

DUI law is very complex and there are numerous issues that need to be looked at, analyzed and attacked when defending a DUI. The best DUI defense comes down to the unique facts of your case and how they can be applied to potential defenses that may be available to you.

I look at every aspect of the incident from the time the police officer stopped you all the way through the moment the cell door shut behind you. DUI cases have many layers and your defense attorney needs to be thorough, creative and aggressive when defending you.

A few examples, challenging the basis for the stop, observations made by the officer, roadside sobriety tests, breath results, statements made, breath test challenges, implied consent warnings, video and a slew of other things to make sure the government can meet its burden before it can convict you of DUI. Many people refer to these as technicalities, I view this is me doing my job to fight for your rights and hold the government to its burden to prove you guilty. You do not have to prove you’re innocent!