To prove you are guilty of driving under the influence, the prosecutor does not have to necessarily prove you were ‘drunk’ but rather that you were driving (or in actual physical control) and were under the influence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances to the point that your normal faculties were impaired.

The prosecutor will intend to prove you are guilty of DUI by showing the jury your driving pattern, your behavior, signs of impairment and officer’s observations, your performance on roadside sobriety exercises, your breath reading or through your refusal to submit to tests as consciousness of guilt.

Florida law establishes presumptions that go along with the breath reading that the jury may infer someone was either under the influence or not under the influence. However, that evidence can be overcome through other evidence. For example, if you blow below a .05, the law says the jury can assume that you are not under the influence. Remember alcohol affects everyone differently and you may be in trouble if there is other damaging evidence that the prosecutor can use to show the jury that you were in fact under the influence to the point that your normal faculties were impaired. On the other hand, someone who has a breath reading of .08 or above is to be presumed under the influence according to Florida law, but that person may be able to show other evidence (i.e. performance on roadside sobriety exercises, video or lack of a poor driving pattern) to rebut that they are NOT under the influence.

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