Will I lose my commercial driver’s license (CDL) after a DUI arrest?

Getting arrested for DUI is bad enough. It only gets worse if you drive for a living. Driving a commercial vehicle means that your income likely depends on you driving. If you are a bus driver or a truck driver, your DUI could force you to lose your CDL.

As it is Florida has some of harshest DUI laws and penalties in the U.S. If have a CDL and are arrested for DUI, your license can be suspended or revoked anywhere from six months to five years, even permanently.

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While those over the age of 21 or older must register a blood/breath alcohol content of .08 or above for a legal arrest, commercial drivers can be arrested and charged with DUI if their BAC is .04 and above.

You not only have to worry about serious license suspensions and revocations that can have a direct and immediate impact on your ability to earn a living and provide for your family but you can also face severe consequences such as steep fines and even jail time.

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