Hiring a Federal Cries Attorney Izquierdo Law FirmIf you have been arrested and charged with a federal offense in Miami, you can’t just call your divorce lawyer or take your chances with a criminal defense attorney you found in a Google search. Federal crimes involve different laws, sentences, prosecutors, and courts from state crimes, and you need an attorney with experience in this arena. We explain how to go about finding the best federal defense attorney when you are facing serious charges.

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Information You Need

The first step in your search should be to identify attorneys who accept federal criminal cases. If they don’t advertise this fact on their websites, they probably don’t. Once you have a list of potentially qualified lawyers, you will want to meet with them and ask the following questions:

Have You Successfully Defended Clients Charged With the Same Crime as Me?

Federal crimes run the gamut from drug trafficking to insider trading and can involve complex legal issues. You don’t want to be the first case of its kind your lawyer has defended. Instead, you want an attorney with a proven record with the charges you are facing.

Do You Have Reviews or Testimonials From Former Clients?

Reading what other clients say about the firm you are considering hiring can help you determine if it’s the right firm for you. If an attorney doesn’t have reviews he can show you, this may indicate his lack of experience or lack of success with federal cases.

How Many Jury Trials Have You Successfully Litigated?

You may be hoping to avoid a trial—and an attorney with your best interests in mind will do everything he can to get you the best possible deal—but if your case does go to trial, you need assurance that your lawyer can handle it.

What Are Your Fees?

Federal criminal defense attorneys don’t come cheap, and if you find one that appears to be a bargain, you might want to question their abilities or their honesty about their fees. An honest attorney will be up-front about his fees.

How Much Time Do You Have to Spend on My Case?

You don’t want to hire a firm that is already handling a load of cases and won’t be able to give your case the attention it deserves. It is a good idea to ask a potential firm about their current caseload and whether they have the time to defend you properly.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and afraid after your arrest, but it’s important that you take the time to find the right attorney for your case. 

Have You Been Charged With a Federal Crime?

If you've been charged with a federal crime you need to speak with an experienced federal crime attorney as soon as possible. Contact me online or call me at my Miami office directly at 305.707.7345.


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