Identity Theft Defense Lawyer Miami Izquierdo Law FirmIf you are suspected of committing a crime using a stolen identity, you could be charged with aggravated identity theft in addition to the initial charge. If the felony you are accused of is a federal offense, you will face the charges in federal court and will need a defense attorney who is admitted to that court to defend you. Attorney Danny Izquierdo accepts federal criminal cases in the Miami area and will provide a free case evaluation if you are charged with aggravated identity theft.

The Feds Are Cracking Down on Identity Theft

There is no doubt that identity theft is a serious crime costing consumers billions of dollars every year. While the act of stealing a person’s identity is a crime in itself, if you use that identity to commit a federal felony, you will face additional penalties under the charge of aggravated identity theft. Examples of the kinds of crime the FBI typically pursues under this charge include:

Immigration violations.

A person who uses a stolen identity to enter the United States illegally or who sells stolen identities to people wishing to enter the country illegally can be charged with aggravated identity theft in addition to the immigration crime.

Theft of government benefits.

Using the identity of another person—including a deceased person—to collect Social Security, Veterans, or other government benefits is a federal crime that could also incur an aggravated identity theft charge on top of it.

Terrorist acts.

Acts of domestic terrorism—often bombings and shootings that target specific groups of people in defiance of the government—are often committed using the anonymity of a stolen identity.

Federal prosecutors can choose to add a charge of aggravated identity theft to any crime committed using another person’s identity. Defendants will face charges for the crime they committed as well as the identity theft charge. Conviction of aggravated identity theft carries a sentence of two years—or five years for a terrorist act—to be served after the sentence for the felony is served.

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