Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Izquierdo LawCameras are everywhere these days, and it’s hard to do anything without being caught on video. But can a dark, grainy video be used as evidence that you committed a crime? The prosecutor can try, but your defense attorney should do all he can to discredit the evidence in court.

More Surveillance Video Is Available Than Ever Before

There is no doubt that cell phones and surveillance cameras have had a big impact on crime in recent years. When a crime is caught on camera, it becomes much harder for a defendant to deny the accusations against him. Sometimes, this is a good thing for society. For example, both bystanders with cell phones and police officers’ own body cams have caught incidents of police brutality on camera, proving cases that would have otherwise been impossible to prove. However, images caught on camera are not always great quality, and this creates problems for innocent people who are falsely identified.

Challenging the Evidence in Court

Surveillance cameras have been around for a long time, especially in stores and businesses. More recently, people have been installing doorbell cameras to keep an eye on what happens on their front porches. These cameras have captured everything from animal antics to heartwarming acts of kindness, but they have also led to misidentifications and false arrests. If you have been identified as a suspect based on a doorbell camera or security camera, your defense attorney should:

Question the quality.

Security video footage is often dark, blurry, and grainy. It is very difficult to get a positive facial identification from them because the resolution is just not high enough. If you were identified based on clothing or the model of a car, your attorney should make a point that this evidence is circumstantial at best.

Look at the evidence chain.

It is surprisingly easy to hack into security systems and to alter or edit video footage. If the prosecutor cannot establish a clear chain of possession for the video that is being used, your attorney should question its reliability as evidence. Since digital video can be tampered with remotely until it is taken offline, the chain of possession should always be questioned by the defense.

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