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I Have a Herniated Lumbar Disc after a Car Crash, What Should I Do?

One of the most common and troubling injuries after a car accident is a herniated disc in the lumbar region of the spine/back.  The lumbar region is in the lower part of the back and is a serious injury because this part of the back controls a lot of what we do in our everyday lives.  Sitting, standing and bending are all affected by herniation to the lumbar spine.

If you have suffered a herniation to the lumbar spine after a car wreck, you should take this injury seriously and it is not something you can ignore.  People often make the mistake of assuming that this will simply go away and take care of itself.  That is false and it will not improve and ultimately go away or become manageable without proper treatment.  Receiving treatment is very important following an accident especially if you are diagnosed with herniated disc(s) in the lumbar spine.  When you do go in for treatment, be sure to communicate all of your symptoms with your doctor.  Doing so will be very important should you decide to file a claim. 

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