Most personal injury or car accident lawyers throughout Miami, Broward and South Florida charge 33%-40% of the recovery they obtain for you.  This is known as a contingency fee because it depends on the value of your settlement or jury award.  For example, if we obtain a settlement of $100,000 for you, our fee would be $33,000 if no lawsuit is filed, or $40,000 if a lawsuit was required.  However, you would not pay us anything(!) until your case has been resolved. 

Plus, I have an unwritten rule at my firm that says: our fee will not exceed your recovery.  I don’t care what the contract says we are entitled to, I will reduce our fees so that you net more than we do.  You’re the one that got hurt, and we were privileged to represent you.  While clients need us to fight for them, we need you too.  And I realize who comes first. 

If a personal injury attorney wants to charge you a “retainer fee” or bill you “hourly,” I’d look for new counsel.  Remember, not all Florida injury lawyers have the same qualifications and track record.  Just because an attorney charges only 25% (or less) doesn’t mean that is the better choice.  Assume that lawyer is only able to get you $50,000, they are not as valuable as the lawyer that charges 33% but gets you $100,000.    

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