Prostitution Defense Lawyer Miami Florida Izquierdo LawIn Florida, around 2,000 people are arrested for prostitution-related crimes each year. On average, about 300 of these cases are in Miami-Dade County. While most people think of prostitution as the crime of performing sexual acts for money, the scope of the law is actually much broader. If you are charged with prostitution or a related crime, you need a defense attorney who will aggressively defend you in court. Danny Izquierdo believes that everyone has a right to a competent defense, and he offers a free 4-Point Case Evaluation and Defense Strategy Session to help new clients figure out their best options.

You Didn’t Buy or Sell a Sex Act, So Why Are You Being Charged?

In addition to performing a sex act for money, it is illegal in Florida to solicit a sex act for money. In other words, the prostitute and the person who pays them can both be charged with a crime. However, they are not the only people who face charges. The following acts are also illegal and fall under Florida Statute 796.07: Prostitution and Related Acts:

  • Operating or owning in a prostitution-related business
  • Offering or agreeing to secure another person for the purpose of prostitution
  • Offering a property for prostitution to occur, or permitting prostitution to occur on one’s property
  • Aiding in the transportation of a person to a destination where prostitution will occur
  • Soliciting, inducing, enticing, or procuring another to commit prostitution
  • Residing, entering, or remaining in a place where prostitution is occurring
  • Aiding, abetting, or participating in any acts related to prostitution

Do You Need The Help Of An Experienced Miami Prostitution Defense Lawyer?

If you are facing any of these charges, you could be looking at harsh penalties. You need a defense attorney who will explore every option for securing the best possible outcome for your case. In Florida, many people are caught up in prostitution sting operations and may have had their rights violated in the process. Defense attorney Danny Izquierdo will investigate your arrest, examine the charges against you, and fight for your freedom. Contact us online or call our Miami office at 877.510.8840 to learn more about our firm and to find out if we can help you. You owe it to yourself and your family to hire the best attorney you can afford.


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