1. Get Proper Medical Treatment: Contrary to popular belief and catchy jingles you may hear on the radio, you do not have to call an attorney right away after a car accident in Florida.  The most important you can do is get proper medical treatment.  It is a mistake to put off medical treatment simply because you are worried about the value of your car accident case.  Quick medical care is just as important for your car accident claim or lawsuit as it is to your health and wellbeing.  By failing to get proper treatment and care, you could be contributing to your injuries.  This will reduce the amount of money that you can recover from whoever really caused your pain.
  1. Be Honest With Your Doctor: Do not lie or withhold information from your doctor.  Many people who are seriously injured in an accident fail to tell their doctors everything.  Make sure you are communicating all of your complaints to your doctor.  People do this for many reasons.  Mostly because they think the pain will fade or the focus on the broken bones and forget to mention the smaller stuff because it is, well, smaller or they think it’s not related to the accident because it didn’t appear until a few days later.  All of this can hurt your case down the road.  Tell your doctors everything.
  1. Document Everything: Gather as much evidence as possible immediately following an accident.  That includes taking pictures, obtaining reports, witness names, etc.  Also, keep track of all medical treatments, hospital and/or doctor’s visits and procedures you received after your injury.  Keep a journal and make a file with dates.


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