Gavel and Books Used in a Sex Crime Defense Case  Izquierdo LawCriminal convictions carry penalties ranging from fines and probation to a lifetime in prison. While many convicted felons face housing and employment discrimination after they have served time, sex offenders suffer some of the harshest consequences for their actions. In Florida, registered sex offenders must live with restrictions for the rest of their lives. If you have been accused of a sex crime in Florida, understanding the potential consequences you face will help you see the importance of fighting the charges with the help of an experienced sex crimes defense attorney.

A Sex Crime Conviction Will Affect Your Entire Life

In Florida, people convicted of sex crimes are considered to be sex offenders for the rest of their lives. In addition to whatever fines and jail time they are given, they must also register as a sex offender and update their information on a regular basis. Being on the Florida sex offender registry restricts the ability to:

Find Housing 

People convicted of a sex crime against a minor will have strict housing restrictions placed on them. In Miami-Dade County, sex offenders are prohibited from living within 2,500 feet of a school, daycare center, park or playground. This can make it very difficult to find a place to live.


Because information on the sex offender registry is public, employers will find out about your conviction when running a background check and may not hire you. In addition, if your offense was against a child, you will be prohibited from volunteering or working at any business, school, daycare, park, playground, or another place where children may be present.

Move Out Of Florida 

You will have to meet specific requirements in order to get permission to leave the state and will have to register with the state you move to if they accept the transfer.

Stay In The Country 

If you are not a U.S. citizen, a sex crime conviction could affect your immigration status and lead to deportation.

Get Or Keep Custody Of Your Children 

If you are divorced and have shared custody of your children, you could lose your access to them, especially if your offense was perpetrated against a child.

Go On Vacation

Disney World does not allow registered sex offenders in its parks, and it will be very difficult to visit beaches and other Florida attractions while staying the required distance away from children.

After you have been convicted of a sex crime, these restrictions will be your new reality. However, if you have not yet been tried, now is the time to talk to a criminal defense attorney.

Are You Need Of A Florida Sex Crimes Defense Attorney?

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